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Customer Experience Map

Fresco Customer Experience Map

Use this template to map out the experience of your principal user to better understand their journey.

Engaging New Customers

Use this board to map out ways to reach and engage new customers.


Fresco Storyboarding

Use this template to visualize how a user will experience a given scenario.



Use this template to determine the positioning of your product/service within the ecosystem and determine a solution based on your unique value proposition.

Retrospective Analysis

Use this template to reflect on the previous project you and your team completed, and think about how you would change things going forward.

Solution Laddering

Fresco Solution Laddering

Use this template to both expand and narrow the focus of your problem, finding both macro and micro level solutions.

Agile Solution Building

Use this template to develop solutions that are informed by your entire team.

Project Evolution

Fresco Project Evolution

Use this template to clarify and locate the ecosystem your product/service is competing in.


Business Model Canvas

Use this template to develop a business model based on your unique value proposition and align your businesses resources and finances.

Lean Canvas

Use this template to quickly evaluate strategic business models and approaches.

Standard XY

Use this template to organize any simple XY analysis.

Strategy Choice Cascade

Use this template to help guide and refine your strategy to enter a market or evaluate and approach.

Defining Solutions

Fresco Defining Solutions

Use this template when you are looking to develop a solution to address a specific issue or opportunity and you want to analyze the context surrounding your solution.


Concept Pitch

Use this template to organize your thoughts about an idea or sprint and prepare a pitch deck.

Design Evolution

Use this template to focus on different design iterations until you reach a revised final product.

MoSCoW Analysis

Use this board to prioritize what is required for your next project/sprint.


Use this template to visualize your current progress on whatever project you’re working on.


SWOT Matrix

Use this template to identify current strengths and weaknesses with your product/service while also locating possible opportunities and threats.

Scenario Planning

Fresco Scenario Planning

Use this template to envision a scenario that your principal user walks through and brainstorm possibilities to alleviate their pain points.

Persona Diagram

Use this template to focus on the person you’re designing for in order to gain a better understanding of their needs/desires as they use your product/service.