Kanban Filled

A Kanban board is a task-based project management template that visualizes an entire team’s workflow. Increase your efficiency with Fresco.

Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas (filled)

A business model canvas is an organizational template that helps visualize the development of a business model.

Design Evolution

Design Evolution (filled)

The design evolution template allows you to iterate based on concrete customer feedback and create multiple levels of solutions before reaching your conclusion.


CO-STAR Example

Use this template to determine the positioning of your product/service within the ecosystem and determine a solution based on your unique value proposition.


Storyboarding (filled)

The customer journey storyboard template is a diagram that outlines a series of steps in a customer journey.

MoSCoW Analysis

MoSCoW Analysis (filled)

A MoSCoW analysis, also known as the MoSCoW prioritization, is an organizational framework that helps clarify and prioritize deliverables for a project.

Concept Pitch

Concept Mapping (filled)

Use this template to organize your thoughts about an idea or sprint and prepare a pitch deck.

Customer Experience Map

Customer Experience Map (filled)

Use this template to map out the experience of your principal user to better understand their journey.


Agile Solution Building (filled)

Use this template to develop solutions that are informed by your entire team.