Scenario Planning

Scenario Planning (filled)


Use this template to envision a scenario that your principal user walks through and brainstorm possibilities to alleviate their pain points.


Scenario planning is the perfect template to use when mapping out a specific customer experience in advance. In our example, we walk through the experience of a customer buying a plant from a store. You proceed through this template by analyzing the steps they take, the specific actions they do, what they think/feel about those actions, and the problems you can focus on to optimize their experience.


For example, if one of your user’s main actions is browsing the store for a plant they like, you might have to focus on solving a problem with the store layout. Each step in their experience that is either neutral or negative is a potential place to improve, which can be easier to see once organizing their experience into the scenario planning template.


  1. Begin by envisioning the specific scenario you are trying to solve for your principal user and write down the steps they need to take from start to finish.
  2. Doing: Write the specific actions your user will have to take during each step of the process. This will be a more detailed list of small tasks in order to accomplish each step.
  3. Thinking: Write down what your user might be thinking for each action they take in the “doing” section.
  4. Feeling: After you’ve mapped their specific thoughts and actions during this process, analyze these thoughts/actions to determine the possible pain points in your user’s experience.

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