SWOT Matrix

SWOT Matrix (filled)


Use this template to identify current strengths and weaknesses with your product/service while also locating possible opportunities and threats. This template should give you a vision of the current position of your product/service and some potential paths forward.


In our example, we outline a SWOT template for Airpods. You can look at the potential competition for Airpods, how they have an advantage over their competition, what markets they could expand to, and where they could improve their product.


If you want to test this template, use the link above to begin your analysis.


  1. Strengths: What are the things you do well? What are the things that make you unique? What do other people perceive your strengths to be?
  2. Weaknesses: Where could there be room for improvement? Where are you lacking resources?
  3. Opportunities: Where do you see a gap in the market? What market trends can you take advantage of? How can you use your strengths to pivot into opportunities?
  4. Threats: What are the potential threats and how could they harm you? What is your competition doing that you aren’t?

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