Use this basic roadmap template to highlight how your user’s experience will change as you iterate your product/service. 


  1. Start by thinking about the first stage of whatever process or project you’re focusing on, and describe the experience users will have during this process. Focus on the tasks they perform and accomplish.
  2. Next, list the main capabilities users will need in order to accomplish the desired experience.
  3. Diagram the other capabilities they might need to bring the experience to reality. 
  4. Talk about what value the user gets out of the experience initially listed.
  5. What do you want the user to learn from this experience? What are their ideal takeaways?
  6. After finishing these steps for the first stage, proceed to the next stage, which will be a further iteration of evolution of the initial experience. Think about ways you can increase the value to the user. Detail all the steps once again with this new framework in mind.
  7. Finally, create the most complex version of your scenario with the maximum potential value to the user. This will be the final iteration of your experience.