Use this template to quickly evaluate strategic business models and approaches.


  1. What problem does your solution directly address? Specifically, relate the problem and your solution.
  2. Detail your solution. What does your product/service accomplish? What does it do?
  3. What are the Key Metrics to your success? How will you measure what is successful and what is expected?
  4. What is your unique value proposition? What makes your solution special relative to the ecosystem of ulterior solutions? How do you stand out?
  5. What makes your solution/team uniquely equipped to tackle the problem? What is your competitive edge?
  6. Which channels of communication will you use to drum up noise around your solution? How will you get people’s attention?
  7. Who is your solution targeted towards? Who is your ideal customer?
  8. What is the pricing model of your solution? Will people pay for your product/service, and if so, how much?
  9. How will your company create revenue and make a profit?