Use this template to clarify and locate the ecosystem your product/service is competing in. This should give you a better understanding of how your environment is evolving and how you can dig out space for your product/service.


  1. There are three columns to write in, titled “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow”. You will use these columns to guide your collaboration in determining the ecosystem of products surrounding you, how people engage and remember them, and the market potential at each time. Completing this template should help inform you about the context and positioning of your product/service and how that will change over time.
  2. Ecosystem: What are the systems/ideas in place that surround your product/service? What does the general ecosystem look like?
  3. How People…: How do people learn, remember, and engage with both your product and other product in the ecosystem?
  4. Market Potential — After analyzing the state of the ecosystem, what is the market potential for your specific product/service?