Use this template to clarify expectations and goals with your team. You should be able to use this to better understand each other’s viewpoints and make tangible commitments to each other going forward.


  1. Use this template to help align your team’s expectations for each other and gather your shared goals.
  2. Values: Come together and define the values that are shared between you, and the ones that you strive to uphold. These values will be the core of how you assess the rest of the template.
  3. Communicate: Based on the defined values, how will we communicate with each other?
  4. Collaborate: How will we work together on ideas and share them with each other? What tools will be used?
  5. Measurement: What are the metrics that we gauge our success with? What does success look like?
  6. Feedback: How do we expect to receive feedback from one another and who/where will that come from?
  7. Decision Making: Will we formulate a specific way we make decisions as a group or will we entrust a leader to make the final decisions?
  8. Recognition: How will we celebrate and recognize each other throughout this process?
  9. Conflict: How do we plan to handle conflict when it arises?
  10. Prioritie: How will we determine the path when we encounter differing priorities?
  11. Archetype: What representation or similar dynamic are we looking to replicate?
  12. Commitment: Based on the answers to the previous boxes, what tangible commitments can we make to one another and to the team in general?