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What is a Fishbone Diagram? Fishbone diagram (also known as the Ishikawa diagram) is defined as a ‘casual diagram’ methodology that aims to find root causes of specific problems. It is widely used in manufacturing and industrial services, product development, or just general troubleshooting of problems where the cause is unclear. Any fishbone diagram has […]

What is Ansoff Matrix? Ansoff Matrix is defined as an enterprise growth planning method that aims to find new growth avenues. These growth avenues are located and analyzed based on the combination of four distinct attributes in a matrix layout; these attributes are existing products, new products, existing markets and new markets. It is a […]

What is PESTEL Analysis? PESTEL analysis is defined as a business impact study that aims to understand the effects of 6 key external factors, which are politics, economics, social, technology, environmental and legal.  Initially designed in 1967 as a business planning tool, this method was then known as PEST, with environmental and legal factors joining […]

What is Porter’s 5 Forces? Porter’s 5 forces is defined as an external threat analysis model for enterprises. Named after Harvard professor Michael E. Porter, this method breaks down the competitive landscape into 5 threat forces. These are deemed as universal business forces involved in any industry structure regardless of product or service.  The 5 […]

What is Strategic Planning? Strategic planning is defined as an organizational effort to lay out the mission goals and objectives for the company, with a typical time period of 2-5 years. A strategic plan takes into account the current state of affairs in the enterprise, wider legislation and business environment, company’s products, departments, profit /loss […]

What is Enterprise Planning? Enterprise planning is defined as the process of setting company policies, processes and budget requirements that aim to meet set objectives and goals of the larger strategic plan of the company. It takes into consideration all internal and external factors that affect or can potentially affect the business.  Enterprise planning is […]

What is a Team Collaboration Software? Team collaboration software is defined as a computer application that enables and enhances the communication experience among team members. Such a software typically requires presence on the systems of all team members engaged in the collaboration.  For example, an online whiteboard is one of the most common types of […]

What is Team Collaboration? Team collaboration is defined as a communication and management process within a team of employees that is aimed to accomplish a set of common goals and objectives.  Members of a team usually share common metrics for performance and team collaboration principles aim to enable better communication and team-work among employees to […]

Cross-team collaboration, or cross-functional collaboration, is a process where multiple different teams work together to accomplish a goal.

The 6 C’s are holistic educational values that can be applied to the classroom to help students learn through many different touchpoints.

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