Use this template when you are planning a workshop and need to visualize all of the elements that go into making it a reality.


  1. Begin by listing the proposed name of your workshop, a description of how it will work, and its main goals and desired outcomes. This will give you a good baseline when diagramming the other elements.
  2. Activities: What kind of activities should be done? Make sure to be specific and provide plenty of variety.
  3. Information: What do participants need to know beforehand? Are there any required materials?
  4. Participants: Who all will take part in this workshop? How many people is the workshop suitable for? What are their needs?
  5. Deliverables: What will be the tangible, lasting takeaways from this workshop? What information is essential that people remember and implement?
  6. Challenges: What are the workshop’s potential challenges and risks? How will people overcome these challenges?
  7. Journey: What are the various phases of the workshop? Diagram a loose timeline of how the workshop will look.
  8. Logistics: Use this space to plan all of the logistics of planning, organizing, and engaging in the workshop.