How To Use Online Sticky Notes

Virtual sticky notes are digital paper post-it notes, and beauty hides in their simple advantages. But if you haven’t used them before, how will your know how to use online sticky notes? 

The simple and easy way to use online sticky notes is on an online whiteboard. Virtual whiteboards are a forum where you can use online sticky notes to post ideas and collaborate with your team. Just one click, and it will stick.

Virtual sticky notes are a collaborative tool, especially for remote teamwork, making an online transition. It will help you brainstorm ideas to organize and share them with other members. In this article, we will discuss the best places to use online sticky notes and the methods you can utilize them. 

Transition to a Virtual Workspace

To use virtual post-it notes, first, there is a need to transfer all paper notes sticks up to the work table, study table, on a whiteboard, or desktop to an online whiteboard. The addition of notes to digital space makes it easy to share and review concepts and ideas with your team. You can use the notes alongside other organizational elements to create a dynamic online workspace that can update as your projects move forward.

Color Coding System

Using a color code system makes employing online sticky notes very easy. Creating notes based on a color system helps organize them into different sections, which is a considerable concern when people ask how to use online sticky notes. This feature enables you to separate the ideas and create folders for various ideas, especially during remote collaboration sessions or zoom class meetings.

Transform Spreadsheet Cells to Online Sticky Notes

Using digital online notes through Fresco gives you the easiness of converting excel spreadsheet cells to notes. To do this, select your desired excel files and import them into the board. Here the cells will populate as notes, and depending on your organization, the notes will be arranged in different groups. After importing notes, you can add other organizational elements depending on your preferences.

Creating Note Organization

When all team members add their ideas and views about a project or presentation, you can rearrange them and group them according to similarities and differences of opinion. In this way, you can easily visualize the entire board without juggling from one physical note to another.

Searching Board Information

The Board search option enables for easy search of the desired note. This will allow you to search through pinned documents (just the document’s title), online notes, and comments on the virtual board. You need to enter the text in the board search, and it will take you to the location of that note. Using the board search saves time, especially on large boards, and can help you access notes that you might have lost.

Using Different Templates

Online sticky notes can be used on ready-to-use templates on a virtual whiteboard. You can create your own custom template, choose from a selection on an online whiteboard, or download one from an online repository. These pre-made templates are perfect and easy to use for remote collaboration of a team. When looking into how to use online sticky notes, it’s important to note that using them on a pre-made template is a great way to organize them and make your collaboration session easier.

Changing Privacy Settings

When dealing with an external client or a stakeholder, there is no need to worry about collaborating on an online board. You can update access settings on the board for them to view or edit any material you see fit. The sharing section on the board provides access to the reviewer, editor, or readers, depending on their individual permissions. Owners and editors have full access, while reviewers have partial access.

Remote Collaboration

Whether it’s a business meeting, project session, or zoom class discussion, an online whiteboard provides you with the best platform to convey ideas and concepts in a brainstorm session. An online whiteboard lets you align everyone on the same board and generate and collect thoughts with a stack of virtual notes for a new product or project.

Anyone can give feedback and suggestion on any idea by using @mention on post-it notes. This feature allows quick feedback in virtual space work.

You can use online sticky notes by taking notes of key points during an online meeting. It’s an easy way to capture the main topics of a discussion and go through them at a glance. If you are hosting a meeting, you can use a stand-up meeting format, a time-saving feature, where every team member adds their notes before the meeting.

Cloud Sticky Notes

Great use of online sticky notes is on the cloud. You can auto-save and access online sticky notes anywhere on your laptop and multiple devices due to the cloud.

So this is a concise detail of how to use online sticky notes and how they make everyday tasks easy and hassle-free.


Hopefully, this article helped you understand how to use online sticky notes effectively. If so, stay tuned to the Fresco blog to keep up with our latest virtual collaboration content.


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