Inbound Marketing and Online Whiteboards

Creating a top-notch marketing strategy requires ingenuity and creativity at several levels. That is why inbound marketing and online whiteboard are entwined concepts to be reckoned with. Learn how to use Collaborative Online Whiteboards to promote fantastic Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a business strategy that aids customers’ attraction by providing germane materials and experience. It fosters connections and also solves the problems your audience may have.

On the other hand, an online whiteboard is ‘collaborative software,’ a dynamic, digital canvas that brings together individuals, ideas, and even content. It helps facilitate visual and verbal collaboration, allowing people to participate in real-time and at various times from anywhere. Online whiteboards also work with other video conferencing and screen sharing platforms, allowing people to collaborate even when they’re not together.

Relationship between Inbound Marketing and Online Whiteboards

Real collaboration between inbound marketing and online whiteboards creates an atmosphere where individuals add their thoughts and hold hybrid work sessions. Successful businesses learn how to use online whiteboards to facilitate inbound marketing strategies in a simple and fast way. With online whiteboards and inbound marketing, employees or members of the board write their ideas on the whiteboard for every other member to see. A consensus is reached on the most appropriate inbound marketing to use.

Why use collaborative software?

You’d be able to understand the need for collaboration in any business if you’ve ever participated in a brainstorming session. There’ll be a need for a spot to scribble down any ideas or thoughts that pop up during the debate. 

There are three types of collaborative software; communication, conferencing, and coordination software. Online whiteboard fits into all as it has communication tools to discuss upcoming initiatives, have brainstorming sessions using its available conferencing tools, and is banking on its coordination tools to govern your inbound marketing to a climax. 

Also, it is not a must for every organization to have a fully-equipped office with a microphone, physical whiteboard, speakers, and projector. It is wasteful and daunting to construct such a costly workspace when teams could work remotely. This is where an online whiteboard can come in handy and take up the role of a visible whiteboard. Whiteboards are resourceful, not only for businesses but also for individuals. The benefits of an online whiteboard are just inexhaustible.

Examples of Collaborative Online Whiteboards

  • MIRO
  • Sketchboard
  • Lucidspark
  • NoteBookCast Moqups

How to Use Collaborative Online Whiteboards for Inbound Marketing

  • Create an online whiteboard that aligns with your marketing content

Open a new whiteboard on your whiteboard app to launch into this great resource. You may start adding items like photographs or sticky notes, writing with a pen or inking, and adding team members to participate once it’s open.

  • Select a layout that suits your marketing strategy

Choose a template to meet your inbound marketing strategies. Layouts aid in the analysis and arrangement of information and ideas while collaborating and providing structure to your initiatives. Retrospection, planning architecture, and brainstorming are common business templates.

  • Participants are invited

Invite people to join an online whiteboard and have them sign in to begin collaborating with your inbound marketing efforts.

  • Begin to write compelling content with your online whiteboard

Make your writing easier to read. Write with a pen and convert your paper into legible text. This is instrumental in designing an excellent marketing strategy.

  • Add sticky notes to promote your content.

Sticky notes are a terrific method to collect and organize feedback, underline key points, and help people generate ideas for your marketing strategy.

  • Design shapes in creating a robust data-driven strategy

Convert symmetrical shapes and tables drawn by hand. Shapes are pivotal to ensuring that you develop a top-notch marketing strategy. So, please include them on your online whiteboard.

  • Tables should be made to facilitate your content.

Make a square to begin. After that, divide the shape into columns and rows using vertical or horizontal lines.

  • Insert photos to engage your readers further

Make digital ink out of your photos and drawings. Use a camera to upload local images to a whiteboard or insert images found through an online search.

  • You can zoom in or out.

Get a focused look by zooming in and out to see more contexts.

  • Give room for feedback.

With sticky notes, live reviews, and written comments, you can get feedback while you’re working, and you can rest assured that you’ll facilitate your inbound marketing strategies.

  • Explore for characteristics and functionality

The possibilities are truly immense. With Online Whiteboards at your beck and call, apps are constantly adding new functionality. You’ll get advanced features that enable you to make the most of an unending inbound marketing strategy. So, explore today, and make your inbound marketing thrive brilliantly.

With inbound marketing and online whiteboard, your business is set for the sky!

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