Use this template when you need to locate the center of an issue or possibility. At the end of the activity, you should use the notes in the middle to curate an action plan going forward.


  1. Briefly orient yourself to each quadrant to focus on those parameters, and take a couple of minutes to add notes to all of them. This can be a free for all collaboration session, as you will come together after the time is up.
  2. Once you’ve finished placing all your notes, gather with your team and determine the 1-2 best notes in each placeholder and move them to the center. With these notes, you are now able to create a tangible plan to move forward with.
  3. Where would you like to go? Think about what your north star is, what your end goal is. Visualize your hopes and potential.
  4. What is holding you back? Focus on the roadblocks that are directly in front of you, things that are stopping you right now. What are your biggest challenges? 
  5. Think about the “who” in your goals. Who is motivating and supporting you? Who is getting in your way? What does other’s success look like?
  6. What do you already have? What are the biggest strengths and upsides of what you already possess? What is your unique knowledge?