Use this template to organize your current project based on what tasks are planned for the future, what tasks are currently in progress, and what tasks have already been completed.


  1. Before organizing your tasks, document the project details in the top box. Add sticky notes in different colors to denote the different facets of the project, if there are multiple different projects being organized, or the different participant’s notes.
  2. Begin organizing the tasks required to complete whatever project you’re focusing on, adding all of the tasks needed to the backlog column, and sorting the ones you’ve already started on. Make sure you break each task into its components to get an accurate view of what actions need to be taken to accomplish each activity.
  3. After documenting and sorting your tasks, determine a timeframe for your team to return to the template and add, delete, or edit tasks. As you inch closer to the project completion, watch as your task list slowly comes to fruition!