Unique Mind Map Templates for Your Business

Mind mapping is a versatile exercise that is utilized across the professional world. It finds so many applications because it’s incredibly easy to apply and can fit into almost any scenario. This means that while its initial structure is very generic and applicable, businesses sometimes like to give it an added layer of depth to specifically focus it towards their goals. These unique mind map templates are what we’ll focus on today. 

In this article, we will define some unique mind map templates and show how you can manipulate a generic mind map to serve your specific goals.

Sales Strategy Map

The first mind map template we’ll highlight is specifically geared towards creating an airtight sales strategy. 

One of the most important parts of successful sales outreach is having a solid plan going into your discovery. This means being prepared for multiple paths of questioning, planning out different discovery paths, and having follow-up questions for all of your branches at the ready. 

Organizing all of this information can be difficult because it all needs to be incredibly accessible, and a great way to visualize your information is by using a mind map. Mind maps enable you to create multiple paths of questions and prepare for different kinds of responses, allowing you to diagram the potential flow of your conversation.

Having all of this information collected on a single diagram is very important for the quick access and repetition of the material. Additionally, if you’re still learning the best approach for your calls, it’s super helpful to have all of your material organized in one easy-to-read diagram so you know exactly where it is and where it fits. and being able to organize it all in the same space makes it easy to quickly comprehend if you’re still learning the best approach for your calls.

Fresco Stepwise Thinking Mind Map

Stepwise Thinking Map

Mind maps are traditionally multi-directional and don’t have a sense of order or time built in. This can be easily changed, however, by creating a stepwise thinking map to help organize your branches.

When creating a mind map, if you want to denote certain steps for certain sections you can easily add numbers to your prongs and add another layer of information to the map. This allows you to see not only what should be completed and what small tasks go into each large section of your project, but you can also see the optimal order of completion.

This strategy can be used for finishing a project, accomplishing a complex set of tasks, or running a meeting. Basically, any time you need to implement a specific order of operations, using this mind map template is a great way to go about it.

Communication Map

Creating a communication map is basically an internal guide for how your team will communicate with each other when it comes to new projects, collaboration, best practices, and shared standards.

This might seem like an intuitive part of the workspace, but when you start mapping out expectations and standards you might realize how different they are in everyone’s head.

A communication map can house any elements that are important to the internal operations of your team, and traditionally they can start with some of the items we mentioned before (best practices, shared expectations, how to structure goals, who is the initial point of contact for certain issues, etc.)

If you are having trouble creating a standardized method of communication for your team, building this mind map template can be a great way to get everyone on the same page.

Fresco Business Model Mind Map

Business Model Mind Map Template

Using a mind map can be an effective alternative to a business model canvas and is a good way to create a business model with direction rather than just diagramming the components of the business.

Creating a business model through a mind map can be a very simple process, and can begin with diagramming all of the sections of a traditional business model canvas onto your board. From there, you can expand each section and highlight their unique features and applications.

Building a business model canvas through a mind map template means you can add another layer of information to the map. Instead of writing information in each box and leaving it, you can take each piece of information and follow it further to get more and more specific.

This added layer of specificity means you can create a deeper understanding of the individual pieces of your business model that wouldn’t be possible through a basic business model canvas. For this reason, business model planning is a great mind map template to try out.

Expanding Brainstorming Map

Like we said in our explanation of different mind map examples, brainstorming is the most popular application of mind mapping and it’s incredibly easy to make a mind map for a brainstorming exercise.

Generic mind map templates work perfectly for brainstorming and allow you to diagram multiple chains of ideas in different directions without losing the context of your central element.

This might seem like a basic application, but using a structured brainstorming template will allow you to diagram your ideas much more effectively and transition them through the pipeline quicker.

This makes brainstorming, on the whole, more efficient and adds significant value to your brainstorming sessions.

Marketing Strategy Map

Similar to how mind maps can help diagram your sales strategy, creating a marketing strategy is also a good mind map template.

There are a ton of different components that go into a good marketing strategy and most of the time these components are highly intertwined. Whether this is about outreach, internal communication, budgeting, or partnerships, there are many factors to consider when building a marketing campaign.

Mind maps allow you to build each branch individually, look into the tangible applications of the strategy, and build other branches in succession. This means you can build an informed marketing strategy and see the direct application of each prong all on the same map. 

This ability is very useful especially when collaborating with others, and this makes using a mind map template for marketing a big advantage.  


Mind map templates are everywhere, and they can range from extremely generic to very specific. Regardless of your specific goals, mind mapping will always be a good exercise to try. If you liked this article make sure you keep an eye on our website for future developments, and you can check out our recent article answering the most popular mind map questions here.


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