5 Important Reasons Online Sticky Notes Are Effective

Sticky notes are vital in reminding us about our responsibilities and keeping an eye on essential tasks. Advancement also took place in sticky notes, and now you can use them better with the help of a single online tool. Online sticky notes enable you to organize tasks, set reminders, manage teams, and provide you with a straightforward alternative approach. Digital sticky notes can also enhance productivity in a workspace, which is another reason online sticky notes are effective. This article will provide an overview of why online sticky notes are effective for managing tasks and facilitating collaboration.

Ability to Autosave and Access Your Notes Anywhere

When using online sticky notes, there is no hassle of finding your notes whenever leaving home for your workplace or heading to the conference room for a meeting. The autosave feature enables the users never to lose ideas on the online whiteboard.

You can access the information in spatial memory wherever by logging in to your laptop or tab. This feature helps ensure that online sticky notes are effective no matter the situation they’re utilized in. Even if you update anything in sticky notes, that update can be caught by other team members in a workspace.

Notes Can Be Easily Organized and Customized

With sticky paper notes, we write something and place it on a surface, and day by day, they will amass into a large pile of notes. As time passes, some become outdated, and it also becomes hard to find the desired piece of information from the accumulation of sticky notes. 

Online sticky notes are effective in this scenario because they keep all of your information organized on a shared board and help remove clutter from the physical workspace. Additionally, you can customize these notes by simply clicking a button so you can change the look of your workspace easily. These features help create a workspace that is efficient and helps prove how online sticky notes are effective.

The availability of a color code system enables you to categorize the notes according to deadlines, reminders, a to-do list, and concepts for a project on your board. You can even change font size and customize the size of notes, either big or short, as you prefer, so it grabs your attention whenever you open the workspace. This beauty and ease generated by online sticky notes make them effective and preferable to use.

Easily Pull Data From Notes

Virtual notes enable you to group similar ideas and concepts by moving them all simultaneously. If you have a meeting where everyone comes with their visions and views, you can rearrange them in a similar group, give them a color code for easy recognition and go through them in a visual display. This layout will help you quickly find the roadblocks and priorities in a project.

Once you’ve organized your notes, you can easily export data to another platform, to excel, or a pdf. Exporting data allows you to integrate your ideas outside Fresco after visualizing them on our digital whiteboard.

Collaborate Remotely

Online sticky notes are effective when collaborating online, conveying ideas visually, and planning tasks in distant teamwork. Online whiteboards make it possible for remote teams to work digitally in the same place by bringing them together. During a brainstorming session, you can create a presentation and unify all information from other team members. You can compile all notes to collaborate and keep a record of everything. Whenever you update anything of a project or session on the online whiteboard, every member of your team can access that update.

It’s easy for everyone in a meeting to take notes of the main points. It’s easy to capture critical points on virtual sticky notes. The stand-up meeting format makes it easy for team members to add their notes ahead of the meeting and saves time. Your team member can give feedback and suggestion during an online conference on any document. The @mention tool for a specific member makes the online notes more effective.

Where to Use Online Sticky Notes?

Fresco is influential for remote collaboration and daily tasks organization. It provides a real-time digital shared workspace for teamwork. Whether it’s a virtual workshop, a conference, a project discussion, or a brainstorming session, you can organize and collaborate anytime through Fresco.

The customization feature allows you to create a board or use a pre-made template to complete your tasks and keep everyone updated in the team. It provides project management from start to end with the help of the task manager and by creating resources.

Built-in task manager makes to carry your progress and attach reference material (website, image, pdf file) to notes and align your team to the required information set. If you are interested in using Fresco, you can visit our website or contact us for more information.


Whether studying with your peers or creating a presentation for your team, using online sticky notes is a super practical way to accomplish your goals in a collaborative setting. If you liked this article, stay tuned to the Fresco blog, where we will continue to post valuable content about online sticky notes and more.

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