Online Sticky Notes for Students

Post-it notes are an easy and affordable tool that served us to organize ideas, leave reminders, make to-do lists, and project brainstorming as a student or a professional. In this technological age, sticky notes have advanced without limiting their effectiveness. Online sticky notes provide a reliable and easy alternative approach for students and professionals alike.

They have various benefits for students to use them effectively and organize their studies on an online whiteboard. Students and teachers can easily use these digital notes with just one simple click. If your exams are nearer, you haven’t yet worked on your proposal; you have an unfinished assignment, or an upcoming presentation, digital sticky notes will help you arrange your tasks to meet deadlines. Here is a list of some benefits of using online sticky notes for students.

Digital post-it notes

Instead of flooding your study table with paper notes, you can add all your notes on the online whiteboard. It’s effortless to make deadlines and sort ideas when they are all available in one space.

Using a new online sticky notes tool, you can shift your notes from your study area to a digital whiteboard and share your ideas with your fellow students. It’s easy for you to add a digital file of an assignment or presentation to place on the board. Digital sticky notes help you access your notes anywhere on your laptop.

Customizable sticky notes

If you have a group assignment to discuss with a fellow student or a zoom class presentation, you can use a color code system to separate ideas and strategies on your board. This system uses different colored sticky notes that separate different sections, views, and statements for other users on the board. You can create a legend for the convenience of joining users on the top of the board to identify the color codes.

For an essential task near to deadline, you can change the size of post-it notes to make them larger to grab your attention. You can also use different font sizes for various tasks to remember.

 Use of spreadsheet cells as online sticky notes

Data in the excel spreadsheet can be copied and changed into digital notes in grid alignment when placed on the board. You can use color codes for them and arrange them according to convenience.

Grid layout for digital board

Once everyone in the group study discussion has added the concepts and ideas on digital sticky notes on board, you can group them according to topics. A clear and visual layout helps you go through the ideas. You can differentiate and highlight similar ideas and prioritize tasks.

Board search for related topics

Board search helps you find your desired idea or concept in sticky notes and comments on the board. Clicking on the item will take you to your desired location on the board. Board search also saves time when you go through a large board.

Taking notes

During an online class session or meeting, you only have time to note the essential points. Virtual post-it notes on the whiteboard help you grab the key points while reporting other less critical data. In this way, everyone in the class meeting can participate and see the online board.

Use of online sticky notes for brainstorming

If you have to combine projects or assignments with your peers, you can start a meeting and use an online whiteboard to collaborate. Working collaboratively will help you progress your project and unify information with your teammates. You can compile all the information to collaborate with your peers so that they have access to this data.

A tool that works for online sticky notes

Frescopad is a digital canvas for virtual post-it-up notes and enables online collaboration by bringing people together on a shared digital workspace. With Frescopad, you can collaborate with your workgroup from anywhere. You can conduct a brainstorming session for an assignment or meeting for a project.

Our online sticky notes help you organize ideas, to-do lists, and deadlines and enable you to access them anywhere you go. You can create your board or use a template. It allows you to customize the desired board to meet your goals. You can insert any reference material, either image, pdf file, or website, to create the same set of information for your group members.


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