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Using an agile product roadmap is critical for agile teams to hit deadlines and remain transparent. Learn more on Fresco.

Kanban creates flexible projects that can accommodate frequent changes. Scrum is focused on improving efficiency with strict cyclical sprints. Lean development eliminates waste of any kind, both in the product and the process. Waterfall is focused on linear project completion with defined guidelines and documentation throughout.

Agile teams operate in many different ways, but this set of agile best practices are things every team should use. Learn more on Fresco.

Agile teams work best when they are aligned and collaborating, two things that are much easier with online whiteboards. Learn more on Fresco.

There are a ton of Agile methodology questions floating around, and we wrote this guide to answer as many as possible. Learn more on Fresco.

There are a ton of Agile methodology advantages that you should be aware of, all of which we'll outline here. Learn more on Fresco.

The Agile methodology is a workflow that emphasizes cyclical improvements, collaboration, and frequent adaptation in order to solve problems.

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