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Rose bud and thorn design thinking is a step-by-step process that aids problem-solving and productivity across various industries.

Using an empathy map in design thinking relies on collaborating with your team to visualize and solve consumer issues. Learn more on Fresco.

Visual thinking and design thinking are commonly confused with one another but are actually very different concepts. Learn more on Fresco.

Design thinking poses a creative solution-based method of problem-solving. If you want to learn more about design thinking, check out Fresco.

Online whiteboards do an incredible job connecting workspaces and engaging people in various collaboration activities. Learn more on Fresco.

With more teams transitioning to online environments, it’s crucial to know the best visual collaboration applications. Learn more on Fresco.

If you have run into any difficulty facilitating an online workshop, this guide is for you. Below, we will detail some examples of amazing virtual workshops you can introduce into your day or easily integrate into your schedule.

It may seem inconvenient, but in reality design thinking exercises can achieve great results when implemented virtually. Below you will find some strategies and exercises that are ideal for digital implementation

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