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A project plan is a diagram that visualizes a project's goals, timeline, outcomes, and success metrics. Learn how to build one on Fresco.

Scope creep is a term that refers to the expansion of scope throughout the course of a project. Learn how to avoid it by using Fresco.

Kanban creates flexible projects that can accommodate frequent changes. Scrum is focused on improving efficiency with strict cyclical sprints. Lean development eliminates waste of any kind, both in the product and the process. Waterfall is focused on linear project completion with defined guidelines and documentation throughout.

Cascading goals are a great way to align your organization from top to bottom and ensure productivity for everyone. Learn more on Fresco.

Kanban boards are some of the most flexible and widespread collaboration templates used in the workplace. Learn how to use them on Fresco.

Below we will outline the different categories of visual collaboration while also positing ways that you can both integrate them into the workplace.

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