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Here is a guide on Eisenhower Matrix, its origin, how it works, the quadrants, and cases where they are used.

Workshopping is an activity that facilitates collaboration through a series of meetings and educational exercises. Learn more on Fresco.

If your team struggles to retain information from meetings, online whiteboards are massively helpful at creating lasting engagement.

If you have run into any difficulty facilitating an online workshop, this guide is for you. Below, we will detail some examples of amazing virtual workshops you can introduce into your day or easily integrate into your schedule.

While this change can cause confusion and disorganization during your activities, it doesn’t have to. Below, we will outline some simple yet effective techniques to lead amazing virtual workshops

It may seem inconvenient, but in reality design thinking exercises can achieve great results when implemented virtually. Below you will find some strategies and exercises that are ideal for digital implementation

If you’re actively looking for tools for your next virtual workshop, look no further. We’ve developed a comprehensive list of tools that will take your virtual workshops to the next level.

With the workplace changing permanently, people must adapt to embrace virtual activities. Learn how to optimize your next virtual workshop at Fresco!

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