Tag: Visual Collaboration

Mind Maps present a unique solution to brainstorming and offer an intuitive structure to help you retain information. Learn more on Fresco.

User research is the foundation of any accurate product design, and if you want to learn more about how to conduct it, check out Fresco.

While the scrum process is a very cyclical tool, your scrum board doesn’t have to be so rigid. Learn about new scrum boards on Fresco.

A Venn Diagram is a series of overlapping circles that diagram the shared traits of two or more items. Learn more on Fresco.

Online whiteboards are extremely effective at inspiring collaboration and helping teams combat silo mentality. Learn more on Fresco.

Silo mentality is a dangerous thing for businesses to fall into, and can lead to serious consequences. Learn how to combat it using Fresco.

Customer journey maps are some of the best templates to use with online whiteboards and here are our 5 favorites. Learn more on Fresco.

The Lean Canvas is an adaptation of the business model canvas that is optimized to increase user value. Learn more on Fresco.

Using a business model canvas is a great way to visualize and create a strong business plan. Read our guide to learn how to use them.

Persona maps are incredibly helpful for teams trying to define their target market or reach their ideal customer. Learn more on Fresco.

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