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Below we will outline the different categories of visual collaboration while also positing ways that you can both integrate them into the workplace.

Visual collaboration enables people to expand their connection globally, and unlock a world of new capabilities. Read to find out just what is possible.

If you have run into any difficulty facilitating an online workshop, this guide is for you. Below, we will detail some examples of amazing virtual workshops you can introduce into your day or easily integrate into your schedule.

If you’re actively looking for tools for your next virtual workshop, look no further. We’ve developed a comprehensive list of tools that will take your virtual workshops to the next level.

Virtual workshops have many differences to their in-person counterparts. Learn about how these differences change the set of best practices you have to employ to maximize your teams efficacy.

With the workplace changing permanently, people must adapt to embrace virtual activities. Learn how to optimize your next virtual workshop at Fresco!

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