Most Popular Task Management Applications

We all want our tasks to be managed and completed on time. With more and more innovation and technology, we can now see multiple task management applications serving our needs. There are numerous types of applications available in the market related to task management, and these tackle the needs of both professionals and students. Additionally, these applications apply to many different task management use cases, which can be found here.

With this much competition and abundance in the market, some people struggle to find the right task management applications. In this article, we will walk through some of the most popular task management applications and discuss why they’re unique.


Fresco is an online whiteboard that doubles as a task management application. It enables you to collaborate in real-time with different teams and people while sharing and distributing tasks to ensure results. Users can share their virtual workspaces and build a creative atmosphere with custom brainstorming activities. 

Fresco also makes it easier for people to use the app as a whiteboard to evolve their ideas with their colleagues and office members. The application aids its users to have proper task management services from the starting till the end without any loopholes in its framework. 

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is designed to cater to users’ needs on a daily basis. As its name suggests, it is built to manage daily tasks and help users create extremely simple lists. These daily needs can consist of grocery lists, meeting schedules, and even simple tasks like taking care of yourself. 

It helps organize daily priorities for members and helps them set simple reminders. It also allows people to collaborate with other members on their platform. 

Google Tasks

If you are into task management apps, you must have seen this popular name. Google Tasks lets you manage and edit your tasks based on your priorities and daily needs. Allowing users to access their to-do list anywhere and everywhere without any hassle is the primary source of value here. 

This helps members to use the application with any clutter and unnecessary updates. People who use Google products can easily integrate their other Google-based projects with Google tasks, which is another big advantage of using this platform. 

Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do is somewhat identical to Google Tasks but has some differences in its efficiency and features. It is a cloud-based task management application that lets you sort your tasks and manage them using cloud technology. 

Because of its popular cloud-based framework, members can access their tasks and priorities on any smartphone and computer.


This one is for Apple users, Things is an award-winning personal task management application. What makes it interesting and popular is its easy setup that allows members to set their daily goals and manage their tasks accordingly. 

It also helps its users divide their tasks into small chunks for better results. Its features include deadline setups and small priority bars to help you complete both personal and private tasks. One of the only downsides of Things is it’s a paid app, but many swear by it even with its price tag.


Along with managing tasks, it is important to organize ideas and notes for users, and this is what Evernote does. It helps you in creating a simple to-do list that allows you to complete your tasks along with organizing your notes related to certain tasks.

Its popularity comes from its smooth layout and its tiny features of the flag and organizers for the to-do list. 


A mature and well-developed app in terms of providing the best features for professional usage, OmniFocus is carefully designed to organize sudden thoughts and ideas popping up in some of our brains. After organizing these thoughts, the app then converts them into small tasks and adds them to a to-do list.

This helps members in focusing on what matters the most to them without using more time on less important tasks. 


Timely is evidence of how much the technology has matured when it comes to managing tasks and to-do lists. Instill with time tracking features that help team members complete their goals on time. This also helps users in saving more time on less important tasks.

The app allows having calendars, capacity calculation, and planning to work with tasks and their completion. 


In case you haven’t been able to find the perfect task management app yet, these options might help you complete your search. If you want to learn more about the advantages of using a task manager or the various benefits of online task management, we’ve linked those two articles right here.

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